Traditionally, the telecom sector has been one of the most lucrative market segments in both emerging and developed economies. But also traditionally, that sector has been protected by heavy local regulation. Nowadays, however, many countries have either started or are considering deregulation of their telecom sectors. Such strong trend towards liberalization of the sector, coupled with the emergence of new technologies for cost effective transport of voice data, and namely Voice-over-IP, opens up new revenue generating opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world.

With keeping in mind different needs of consumer and entrepreneur, we provide 3 different solutions related to prepaid calling cards.

Prepaid Phone Cards

We offer 6 different prepaid calling cards. The term "prepaid" refers to the fact that each card is purchased in a particular denomination (example: $5, $10, $20) and for the specified dollar amount, the card comes equipped with a set number of minutes.

Each prepaid phone card has its own unique advantages and features. Your specific long distance needs will determine which card is most suitable for you.

Private Label Phone Cards

With Private label phone cards offering to individual and enthusiastic entrepreneur, we offer the opportunity to brand their very own prepaid long distance cards. These customized company phone cards serve as excellent tools to market your business, and at the same time provide your company with an additional revenue stream. Your unique private label phone cards can be marketed and distributed in numerous retail outlets according to your goals and objectives.

Starpy will provide you end to end turnkey solution so you can profit from the lucrative calling card market from very first day, without high upfront expenses. We will provide a single-point-solution for your entire infrastructure needs, including ITFS, , Local & Toll Free DID access numbers, calling card platform and wholesale voice termination.

Promotional Phone Cards

Promotional phone cards are a productive and cost effective way to reward your customers, gain repeat business, and communicate with your target market. These cards are professionally designed according to your specifications and each is equipped with a certain number of prepaid long distance minutes.

Consumers will appreciate the free giveaway, and will therefore be more inclined to give you their business in the future. Promotional phone cards will also further brand your business by including your company name, logo, and unique message in the design.

Promotional phone cards can be used in a variety of ways. Just to name a few:

  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Contests & sweepstakes
  • Customer Appreciation programs
  • Fundraising