Our VoIP call shop solution enables people to make long distance and international phone calls at considerably lower prices as compared to the PSTN. It is a lucrative business because of the low initial business-entry investments and the stable increase in potential customer base. Starpy has introduced a new line of low cost, functionality rich CallShop solutions which will allow entrepreneurs' quick entry and competitive stay in the rapidly growing VoIP industry. These scalable solutions have speedy and easy setup processes and minimal investment requirements.

New entrepreneurs who would like to get into the highly promising industry of Voice over IP without hefty investment costs and complicated set-up and maintenance processes.
Existing Internet Cafe owners looking to expand their customer base by using their current infrastructure to offer additional services. Traditional PSTN CallShop owners wanting to reduce costs and boost profits by simply 'switching' or upgrading to VoIP-based systems.
Carriers who would like to increase their wholesale traffic and enlist more customers by offering hosted CallShop services.

Typical CallShop Scenarios:


  • Customer pre-pays the operator for the call.
  • The operator will then activate a phone booth for the customer using the CallShop VoIP Software.
  • The customer will go to the phone booth and dial the destination number.
  • CallShop VoIP will record the call details and the corresponding call charges for future reporting needs.


  • Customer chooses a vacant phone booth and dials the destination number.
  • CallShop VoIP keeps track of each phone booth's call details and the corresponding call charges for invoicing and future reporting needs.
  • When the customer has completed his/her calls, the operator generates an invoice for the customer's calls.