Starpy provides Pc2phone solution with excellent features & quality. With customized branding you can market this solution under your own private brand and label. The days of expensive long bdistance bills are over. Starpybrings you a opportunity to enter the booming VOIP sector with our top of the line PC to Phone solutions & services. With the VOIP market already touching $10 billion, you can not afford to miss this chance of entering one of the most rapidly expanding industries of our times.

With PC to Phone service PC users with an Internet can make long distance and international calls to anywhere in the world. Your customers can recharge their accounts with a specific desired amount of money.

We will provide assistance to you in such an endeavor , we give you the opportunity of selling our PC to Phone services to your customers under your brand name, without any string. By implementing this service, your customers can reduce their long distance cost significantly. Converting their PC into a low-cost telecommunication device will allow them to make long-distance and international calls at extremely low prices. You can increase your user base and revenues tremendously by offering these services to your customers, and watch the numbers grow, year after year.